Meet Ranger: Tiny German Shepherd with Dwarfism that Makes Him Look like a Puppy Forever

Most dog owners would probably tell you that it was their secret wish that their dogs would’ve stayed puppies forever. However, puppyhood lasts shortly. Most puppies quickly transform from goofy and cute pooches into gorgeous adults.

German shepherds are no exception: these beautiful dogs grow into large and majestic creatures. But, not this one named Ranger. This German shepherd will stay small for the rest of his life.

Sweet Ranger Will Be a Puppy Forever: Here’s Why

This fully-grown, almost 3-year-old purebred German shepherd suffers from a rare condition known as Pituitary Dwarfism.

This means that despite his age, he will be small forever. The sweet dog was diagnosed with this condition after an infection that he got when he caught a parasite known as Giardia.

Although he’s equally adorable as any other dog out there, this condition isn’t without side effects. It may be recessively inherited in some breeds like German shepherds. His owners explain that this condition may have to do something with Ranger’s parents.

Shelby Mayo, one of his owners, says how Ranger was already smaller than his siblings when they took him from the breeder. This is when they were told it’s because of a Coccidia parasite.

When they took their puppy home, he was cured of the previous parasite; however, shortly after, he caught the Giardia parasite. The vet told them he has a major infection on the neck. The infection was put under control and several months later, the parasite was treated.

Although the lovely Ranger recovered from the health issues, his humans noticed that he wasn’t growing normally.

When they took him to the vet, they got the diagnosis. This condition is usually associated with hypothyroidism which reduces the production of the hormones by the thyroid gland.

Ranger also suffers from flaky skin and hair loss. Luckily, there’s meds therapy that helps him manage the symptoms.

Despite His Smallness, He’s Happy & Healthy

Ranger is proof that a small stature can’t hold you back from enjoying life to the fullest. His owners say how he’s a happy and healthy dog.

His two sisters Jessie, the German shepherd, and Hazel, the Labrador may be bigger than Ranger, but they love him so much!

And, he’s got quite the presence online-check out his Instagram here.