Firefighters Rescue a Deaf Dog from Storm Drain in a 10-Hour Operation

A group of Texas firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and other city workers worked around the clock to help rescue a 15-year-old deaf dog who was trapped in a storm drain.

The sweet dog named Zoey was found during the weekend to be stuck in a drainage pipe. Her owner, Andrea Tankersley, said how people were hearing some animal sounds coming from all over the neighborhood.

The dramatic rescue operation took 10 hours. The emotional video was shared by the Arlington Fire Department and wrote that this is a condensed video of the rescue operation to save Zoey.

They also thanked and acknowledged the amazing work by their Technical Rescue Team, the other AFD units, and the TX-City Hall agencies.

Poor Zoey Was Trapped for Hours before Being Rescued

The emergency services rescued Zoey in a heroic effort that took 10 hours. Dozens of workers helped smash up the street to get to the dog who was trapped in a pipe that was located several feet below concrete and dirt.

All of the neighborhood gathered, including Hunter, a kindergartener who offered his skateboard after one of the firefighters suggested it could help them pull out Zoey.

Officer Kristi Weil said how the boy was so excited to help and it warmed their hearts. They plan to return the skateboard to the boy after the rescue teams sign it as a memento.

Zoey’s owner says that her rescue is quite miraculous and she still can’t believe that the dog came out not more injured or with broken bones. When they finally reached her and pulled her up, the workers and the crowd cheered her on.

Food Was Coming in for the Amazing Rescuers

During the rescue, the community offered pizzas, water, and anything else that the crew may need for the ordeal that lasted half a day.

Andrea explained how the teams had to come up with plans B, C, and D. They weren’t giving up. The local water department found a camera that they slipped through the pipe in order to keep a close look on Zoey while digging.

For Brennan, this was hard to watch because she was sitting there and panting due to being hot and tired.

Everyone helped a lot, added officer Weil. During the rescue, you could hear cheers of joy and tears. And, seeing the community come together, especially for happy ends like this one, is a special moment, explained officer Weil!




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