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Conestoga Huts: A New Trend Helping Homeless Find a Shelter

Conestoga Hut Micro-Shelter: A Viable Solution For The Homeless

The Conestoga Hut Micro-Shelter is a quick shelter option for people who’re homeless. Unfortunately, every community in the US is facing lack of housing for people facing homelessness. A non-profit organization in Eugene, Oregon named Community Supported Shelters came up with the idea to create innovative shelters that they named […]

Kudos to Denmark: Children Ages 6 to 16 Are Being Taught Empathy

Schools In Denmark Teach Students Empathy From A Young Age

Indeed, for the last 7 years, according to the UN’s World Happiness Report, Denmark has keeping score as one of the top three happiest countries in the world. Since 1993, the country’s education system has included empathy classes for students aged 6 to 16. Could this be the reason behind […]