There Is Good Youth in Memphis: Young Man Pays for Woman’s Gas

This woman from Memphis wanted the world to realize that her city has amazing youth after this young man paid for her gas bill in Binghampton just because he wanted to do a nice thing for her.

The woman, Olivia Jennings, was standing at the Marathon on Summer Avenue, when she began joking with two young men who were in front of her. One of them turned around and asked her if he could pay for her gas. 

Good Youth in Memphis: Young Man Pays for Woman’s Gas 

Jennings explained how she was teasing the boys about all the orange juice they were purchasing. 

This is when she pulled out her credit card to pay for her gas and this is when the boy told her ‘oh, it’s ok, I got it’ and then told her ‘ma’am, I really want to buy your gas’. He handed her $20. 

Jennings agreed and she was deeply touched by his actions. She asked him if he would like them to have a photo together so she can share it on social media and tell people a story about the kindness of Memphis youth. 

Memphis Citizens Agreed that There Is Still Good Youth 

Jennings said how she worried about the bad reputation that Memphis has been getting about their crime rates, so she wanted to show to others that there are plenty of good young people in this city too. 

Jennings wrote that the boy is around her son’s age. Her Facebook post garnered a lot of likes and was reshared many times. Some of the people who commented on it thanked her and the young man for reminding them of the kindness in their town. 

People agreed that Memphis has a lot of good youth. So, no matter what others say, they’re here.