How to Avert & Relieve Uterine Fibroids: 5 Useful Healing Methods

Did you know that around 75 percent of women will suffer from uterine fibroids at a specific point in their lives? These uterine growths can range in size from several millimeters to the size of a grapefruit.

Unfortunately, every year, more than 200,000 hysterectomies are done because of serious cases of uterine fibroids. Before we go on to present 5 beneficial natural remedies to relieve this health problem, let us learn more about it.

Uterine Fibroids: What Are They?

These non-cancerous tumors form in the uterine walls and cause a size or shape change of the uterus and other symptoms. Even though pain and menstrual changes can happen because of fibroids, there are women who may not experience any symptoms at all.

Taking into account that it is not always straightforward whether you may have fibroids or not, all women should take the necessary steps to lower the chances for these growths. In case you have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids, make sure you read the tips shown below.

5 Useful Tips to Relieve Uterine Fibroids

  • Stay away from foods that can lead to fibroid formation

These foods include processed meats high in unhealthy fats like sausages and other processed and non-organic types of meat, dairy which is non-organic, refined sugar, simple carbs, caffeine, and alcohol.

  • Consume foods that can alleviate fibroids

Eat more organic foods that are naturally grown and without presence of chemicals and pesticides, especially green leafy ones. These veggies have anti-inflammatory power and may prevent the development of fibroids in the uterine.

  • Do not forget about cruciferous veggies

These foods will cleanse the liver and regulate the estrogen in the body. So, make sure you eat more cabbage, broccoli, and Chinese cabbage to boost the body’s fight against oxidative damage. Moreover, research points out that boosting the consumption of these veggies and fruits can lower the chance for uterine fibroids.

  • Opt for essential oils

Essential oils like clary sage, thyme, and frankincense can be of great aid for treatment of fibroids. They will balance the hormones naturally. They also have the ability to reduce stress and depression. Rub 2 or 3 drops of each of the oils onto the abdominal region, twice per day. Make sure you previously dilute the oils with carrier oil such as coconut oil.

  • Castor oil packs

Applying castor oil packs onto the abdominal region can boost the blood flow in the circulatory and lymphatic systems and elevate the production of white blood cells. They are known to remove toxins from the body associated with diseases. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, an anti-inflammatory compound that may help with oxidative damage. A study done back in 2011 found that this type of treatment helps with detoxification and relieves constipation symptoms.