How To Remove Mold In Your Home With This Natural DIY Spray

One thing is for sure- mold can happen even in the most taken-care-of households. And, in most cases, in order to remove them, people reach for store-bought chemical products for cleaning. But, taking into account the amount of chemicals they contain, it is a far better approach to choose natural methods and get rid of mold completely naturally, do not you agree?

One of the most common products people use is bleach. Bleach is not just bad for humans, but for the waters too. Moreover, a lot of pollution is involved into creating and packing the product. So, it is high time to forget about bleach and try out our natural suggestion instead.

How to Get Rid of Mold Naturally

This DIY spray is made with tea tree oil which is known for its potent antibiotic characteristics and its healing capacity. Moreover, many use it to naturally eliminate mold from their walls in the kitchen, bathroom or any other room where it may develop.

Check out how to prepare the mixture below.

You will need:

2 tsp of tea tree oil

2 cups of water

One cotton cloth

A spray bottle

Preparation and use: Combine the ingredients in the spray bottle, close it, and shake it to combine them. Then, use it to spray the affected areas and leave it like that for several hours. Then, using the cotton cloth, rub off the mold.  If needed, repeat the procedure.

Did you know that you can also use other natural ingredients to remove mold? One such ingredient is apple cider vinegar. What you need to do is mix warm water and white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray the affected areas. Then, after an hour or so, wipe off the mold with a cloth.




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