Doctors Tell People Over 40 To Stop Taking Ibuprofen! Here’s Why!

Nowadays, a lot of Americans use Ibuprofen or Advil on a regular basis to alleviate headaches, backache, and other types of pain. However, though they are a quick and convenient solution for pain, they come with pretty serious side effects.

Taking into account the disastrous impact it has on the overall health, a lot of people are being advised by medical experts to minimize their use or stop taking this painkiller (and similar ones) altogether.

FDA Warns against Ibuprofen Usage

According to Juicing for Health, the FDA has released a warning about Ibuprofen saying that it elevates the chance for heart attacks and strokes.

This may happen with both short-term use of the medication, not just long-term. The longer one takes the medication, the higher the risk becomes. Moreover, the risk increases even more if a person with a heart condition is taking it.

To make things worse, the risks are much higher in individuals over the age of 40. This medication has unfortunately been linked to cardiovascular issues and other serious side effects if taken in combination with aspirin.

These side effects include dementia, high blood pressure, anemia, miscarriage, arthritis, bone loss, DNA damage, arthritis, and more.

Just Because You Can Find it in a Pharmacy, It Does not Mean It Is Safe

Unfortunately, a lot of uninformed individuals suppose that they are safe for usage because they are available in pharmacies. Moreover, this is especially the case with meds that can be bought without prescription. Many think that this means low side effects.

Therefore, they head out to the nearest pharmacy for an Ibuprofen to treat their backache or migraine. But, they are actually worsening their health!

How to Fight Off Chronic Pain without Meds

Even though these meds seem like the best solution for that excruciating backache or migraine, it is important to see the bigger picture. The better solution would be to address the root cause of the problem and try to treat it and lower inflammation with more natural approaches that are free of dangerous side effects.

 You can also help decrease the inflammation in your body by eliminating inflammatory foods and eat more nutrient-rich foods.

Below, check out the foods you should avoid if you want to lower inflammation:

  • Sugar- refined sugar is stripped of nutrients and it is known to “suffocate” the cells in the body and lead to inflammation. The similar thing happens with artificial sweeteners
  • Table salt– this mineralized salt goes through a refining procedure during which it is being stripped of its nutrients and minerals. Eating excessive amounts of it can cause numerous health problems. Opt for healthier salts like pink salt or sea salt.
  • Dairy and meat- unfortunately, most of the meat and dairy contains artificial hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful substances that increase the inflammation in the body.




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