Do not Destroy this Common Weed that probably Grows in Your Garden: It Has Amazing Health Advantages

If you have a garden or a yard, you probably have this common plant, i.e. plantain. This backyard herb is often confused for a weed, when it is actually eatable and a very beneficial and versatile herb. Rich in vitamins A and C and calcium, it has been used by Native Americans to alleviate bee stings and insect bites and to treat poison ivy itching and rashes.

Also, it is considered beneficial for the treatment of bruises and sores. Continue reading the article to learn why you should never pick it and throw it out. Instead, use it!

Why You Should Start Using Plantain?

You can also use it to prepare tea which you can use (cooled down) as a natural mouthwash to avert and heal mouth sores. Moreover, its active components possess antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics and it can also help you fight off inflammation and toxins.

When its leaves are shredded and chewed, they make a beneficial cure for minor insect and pet bites while preventing infection and alleviating the burning, itching, and pain.

The Healing Properties of Plantain

Its leaves can be used to prepare tincture, infusion or tea. Here are some of its best healing characteristics:

  • Helps regulate the blood sugar levels
  • Balances the cholesterol amounts
  • Alleviates IBS symptoms
  • Relieves hemorrhoid symptoms
  • Reduces constipation and diarrhea
  • Soothes bladder and kidney issues
  • Helpful for fight against ulcers and indigestion

External Uses of Plantain

When topically applied, this herb can be highly effective in soothing irritated skin from stings, bites, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, cuts, yeast, varicose veins, and more.

How to Use It?

If you have plantain growing in your garden, make sure not to spray it with pesticides or allow pets to destroy it with urine or chewing. You can add its leaves to different types of salads.

To prepare a remedy for stings and bites, you need to combine plantain leaves and bentonite clay with water. Use the paste-like mixture to apply it onto the affected area.

Drink a cup of plantain tea from dried or fresh leaves when you need to relieve heartburn, indigestion, and IBS symptoms. It can also offer healing properties for UTIs. For sunburns, make a plantain infusion or strong tea from its dried or fresh leaves. Spray the burned area to reduce itching, discomfort, and pain. You can also use the combination to relieve rashes.




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