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The most Intelligent Indoor Herb Garden by GardenByte

A team of MIT engineers has successfully developed the smartest indoor herb garden out there. The GardenByte, as it’s named, took 3 years to be finalized. Indeed, it’s all an indoor herb garden should look like. It’s a stylish 30-inch long panter box that’s small enough to not look bulgy […]

10 Plants You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scraps

Growing your own garden is definitely amazing and you can do it both indoors and outdoors. Indoor ones are also a beautiful décor for the space. For example, a cute rosemary pot is ideal for window shutters or near your working desk, don’t you agree? Some of these herbs can […]

These Adorable Rare Orchids Look just like Monkeys

Without doubt, orchids are stunning and low maintenance flowers and there are plenty of varieties to choose from to beatify your garden, somewhere around 30,000 types, believe it or not. Although each of these types has its distinctive features, one of the most unique is definitely the rare type of […]

Adorable Tiny House Comes with a Greenhouse & a Porch

If the only thing setting you back from fully embracing the tiny home lifestyle is gardening and porch swings, you’ll love to hear about this home, which luckily for you-has both. This new house model made by Olive Nest Tiny Homes called the Elsa has a second trailer attached to […]

Yummy & Healthy: Learn How to Grow Baskets of Raspberries in Your Own Garden

How to Grow Baskets of Raspberries in Your Own Garden

Raspberries are indeed yummy and healthy fruits which most people enjoy snacking on. They’re rich in vitamin C and fiber and other amazing nutrients. In fact, they’re richer in fiber than any plant foods. The fiber makes up for 20 percent of the berry’s weight. Low in calories and abundant […]