One of the most Versatile & Healing Spices: How to Grow Cloves at Home

Cloves, the flower buds of the tree known as clove, are one of the most versatile spices in the world. From being a favorite spice to season pot roasts and hot beverages, cloves are popular for their aroma and sweetness.

But, it’s also praised for its healing properties-animal studies have actually found them beneficial for improving the health of the liver and balancing our blood sugar levels.

And, it’s also abundant in amazing nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Knowing how good it is for us, it’s excellent news that we can actually grow it in pots at home.

In this way, you’ll always have your own fresh supply. Below, check out the most important tips to plant and grow cloves successfully!

How to Grow Cloves in Pots at Home

First, if you decide to grow it, make sure you place it where the temperature never goes below 59 degrees F.

And, this plant loves high humidity, around 60 to 70 percent. Although they love the sun, make sure you don’t put them where they’ll be over-exposed to the sunlight.

It’s best to put them where they’ll get around 3 hours of daily sun.

What Type of Soil to Use?

Clove trees love rich and loamy soil that also drains well. You can also add peat moss and compost-it’s also beneficial to use a soil that’s enriched with clay, sand, and silt.

To grow it from seeds, fill the containers with soil and just place the seeds on top-you needn’t plant them deep inside. Cover with a plastic foil and wait for the sprouting.

Water them daily and don’t put them on direct sunlight-but a partially shaded area. In around 6 weeks or so, expect the seeds to germinate. Reduce the watering when you notice the soil is still damp after 24 hours.

Transferring the Seeds to a Pot

When the plant grows 9 inches in height, you can transplant it in a pot. This may take up to 6 months to happen.

Fill a pot with the soil and make a hole to fit the roots. Slide them gently out of the pot and put them in the new one. Loosen the soil around and water it until it’s damp. The next watering should be after the soil dries out.

The trees may need from 5 to 7 years to mature and flower. They will be white at first and go pink after 6 months. When they go pink, they can be harvested and dried. You can use them as a spice.




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