Brave 4-Year-Old Boy Saves His Brother from Drowning-They Name Him Honorary FF Medic

For a day, the Placentia in California had a plus one heroic first responder, although it may need a bit more time for him to grow into his new helmet.

The 4-year-old boy, Mason Ochoa, in November, was officially credited for saving his younger brother from drowning in their backyard pool.

A month earlier, Mason saw on their home security camera that his 2-year-old brother Nicholas fell into their pool.

He ran outside and held him by the arm while yelling for help. Their mother, Stephanie, heard the screams and came right away and pulled the toddler from the pool.

Their father, Jose, called 911 right away and they took the shaken boy to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

The Boy Was Fine, He Didn’t Suffer Injuries

The boy suffered no serious injury, but only because his brother was brave and attentive enough to realize his brother needed help, according to the Chief of Placentia Fire Dept John Van Gieson.

So, to honor Mason’s bravery, in a ceremony held at the No.2 Fire Station, they declared him the ‘hometown hero’ and gave him praise-both the chief and some other local leaders.

He was given a certificate and a medal. But, the boy seemed to look forward the most to the target practice with a real fire hose to crush soda cans and the recording of his own heartbeat with and EKG.

The Importance of Protecting Your Children while near a Pool

The family explained to the firefighting department that there was a fence around their pool; however, someone removed it while the property sold.

This is why it’s pivotal to always have someone assigned to watch the pool, especially when there are children around. Also, gates and fences are a must.

Despite his helmet being big and heavy now, it will keep reminding Mason about the moment when he saved his brother from an accident that often ends tragically.

The chief department officials say Mason has the personality traits and the inner qualities a first responded should have.




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