Woman Reunites with Her Parents 25 Years after She Was Kidnapped at Birth

Belle Barbu, a 26-year-old woman was kidnapped while a baby from her Romanian family and sold in America. And, her adoptive parents lied to her: they told her she was adopted because her parents didn’t like her.

This woman, who was kidnapped 25 years ago, has now reunited with her biological parents after they discovered she was still alive.

Belle, a resident of Utah, didn’t look anything like her adoptive parents; however, when she was 8 years old, they told her it was because she was adopted as a toddler.

They also told her what her original surname was and that she was born in Romania to parents who didn’t want her.

Her Quest to Find Out Who She Really Is Grew

The relationship with her adoptive parents broke down when she went to university and Belle never stopped questioning her true origin. So, in 2019, she joined a Facebook group which helped people from Romania find families.

She decided to share her story and was amazed when she began receiving replies right away. Believe it or not, in only 48 hours, the woman who opened up the group managed to reach Belle’s brother Moise, who is 20-years-old, on social media.

With the woman’s help in the translation, Belle also found out she has 2 more siblings, i.e. a sister named Simona who’s 33 and a brother, Florian, who’s 29.

Her biological parents are alive and live in Rome-her mother is Margari and Zambila is her father. They spoke on the phone two weeks after.

This is when they told her the real story.

Belle Discovers that She Was Kidnapped, not Given Up

Her parents explained to her that they were poor when they got her back in 1994 and that the doctors told them the baby girl was ill; several days after, they informed them that she died.

The family was devastated. But, one of the nurses who worked in the hospital told them the truth-she was kidnapped and sold. They used their last money for petrol and drove to various orphanages to try and find her.

But, the money ran out and after a year, they didn’t know where else to look.

Unfortunately, according to what the Charity Operation Underground Railroad told Belle, newborns are worth tens of thousands of pounds and sold to trafficking gangs.

They make fake birth certificates and sell stolen babies to various agencies for adoption worldwide.

Thanks to the charity, they had DNA tests done and this proved she was really their daughter. She met her parents in Rome in 2019. She says she immediately felt a connection. But, she hated to say goodbye.

And now, with the pandemic and limited funds, she couldn’t go to Italy again, but she will as soon as she can.




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