Single Dad Adopts 5 Siblings because He Couldn’t Bear to See them apart

Robert Carter, who was a foster child himself throughout his youth, knew immediately what he should do when 5 siblings risked being separated for good.

On the National Adoption Day, Carter, a single father living in Hamilton County, decided to adopt all of the 5 siblings to ensure they keep growing together.

He was already a foster parent for 3 of the boys from this family; however, he also discovered they have 2 sisters so he wanted to ensure they’re together.

He was well aware of the emotional pressure the children felt when they were divided.

Carter Perfectly Understands the Foster Care System, so He Decides to Adopt all 5 Siblings

Carter said he understands what the children have been through and this touched him. He was already considering adopting them, but when he saw them crying, he was 100 percent sure he was going to keep them together.

Carter, at the age of 12, was placed in the foster care system. He hadn’t seen his siblings for years so he knew he couldn’t allow this to happen to others.

He recalls how he had no idea where his family was and that he didn’t know if he would ever see them again. This was a traumatic experience, he says.

According to Stacey Barton, the adoption case manager, she never had a case with a single father adopting 5 siblings.

Luckily, Carter’s childhood made him more aware of how essential it is to keep siblings together.

Now, with all the 5 children under one roof, he’s making sure that the children know they’re a family again.

I Want to Ensure they Feel like a Family again, Says Carter

He talks to them every night and says he’ll be their dad forever because he knows what it’s like. He tells them that he’s always here for them.

Although parenting is never easy and at times it seems like the hardest job ever, it can be much harder to do it on your own. But, as he’s led by love and compassion, Carter seems to know perfectly how to do it.

The new children are warming up to their new parent. For example, the eldest sibling, Marionna, who didn’t like him too much in the beginning, is now adjusting. As the eldest sibling, Carter realizes she was their mother figure and the one who took care for the family.

He understands her perfectly as he went through a similar experience when he cared for his siblings.

One day, she walked into Robert’s room and told him thanks for taking us in and caring for us when our real mother couldn’t.

He wants Marionna to have a childhood and he won’t allow her to be the one who does everything. Her job will now be play and enjoyment.




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