How to Grow St John’s Wort at Home

In its native Europe, St John’s wort was highly appreciated for its healing properties that the settlers actually took it with them in the New World.

The name comes from the fact that the flowers were traditionally harvested on the Catholic Saint’s Day in honor of the nativity of St John the Baptist, which is on the 24th of June.

The believers would later hang the harvested flowers over a statue or a painting of St John in their homes.

This was done because they believed it would keep them safe from evil spirits. St John makes a fairly easy plant to grow, knowing how tolerant to challenging conditions it is.

For many gardeners, it’s because of its weed status. But, despite its strength, there’s something it can’t stand, i.e. a very wet soil. Once established from baby plants, it can survive on its own without causing too many headaches.

Below, check out the most important factors you should consider if you plan on growing it in your home.

How to Grow St John’s Wort at Home                                    

  1. In the North, place it where it will get the fullest sun to grow best flowers. If you live in the South, a slight shade is recommended.
  2. Choose a soil that drains well.
  3. This perennial loves getting its fair share of water; especially when it’s establishing. But, don’t leave it in soggy water. Once it becomes mature, reduce the watering; the plant practically becomes tolerant to drought.
  4. This plant will love a fertile soil, although it can also grow well in poorer quality soils. Enrich it every year with compost and a balanced fertilizer from time to time.
  5. Make sure you prune it in late winter or early spring-before the buds appear. This will encourage the flowering.
  6. You can harvest it by cutting a 1/3 top part, in July and August .
  7. Spread them out on a foil to dry out; when the flowers and leaves have gone dry, store them in a bag or a jar.
  8. Feel free to use them for tea making-it’s promoted as a natural remedy for insomnia, inflammation, and pain.