Florida Man Used His Stimulus Check to Grow a Garden & Feed His Community

When millions of people throughout the US got their federal stimulus checks to help them address the economic consequences of the pandemic and lockdowns, most of them used the funds to pay for food, rent, mortgage, utilities, etc.

But, this man from Tampa, Florida decided to do something different. He invested them into a long-term project.

He came up with the idea to build a garden at home and grow his own food. And, today, he’s also teaching his community about the amazing advantages of being food independent.

Man Uses Stimulus to Build a Garden for His Community

Michael Chaney, who also goes by the nickname Spirit Mike, has had interest in gardening for a long time. But, until the pandemic hit and the supermarkets were affected by the crisis, he didn’t have the motivation to pursue this hobby.

Now, it has become his passion too. The first money was used to buy pots in which he planted tomatoes.

He also consulted experienced gardeners from the A Land of Delight Natural Farm nearby to collect some materials and tips for how to grow his own plants successfully.

Today, his garden has tomatoes, collard greens, ghost peppers, mustard greens, eggplants, onions, cashew apples, lemons, lettuce, and so many other plants. He grows them on 3 acres of land.

He explains that he does biointensive gardening, i.e. planting as much as possible in a small area. He has therefore specially chosen dwarf plants since they bear fruits faster.

He’s the most proud of his moringa trees, known to be a plant abundant in vitamin C and praised for the high amounts of vitamin C and its antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antidepressant properties.

Self-Sufficiency & Food Independence Are Crucial, Chaney Says

He adds that he also has 9 chickens that he bought for $3 per chicken.

He wants to reduce his food costs to zero and says that the food scraps go into the soldier fly larvae bin and then they consume it and make more larvae.

And, the larvae are the chickens’ food. Then, the chickens make eggs and he eats and sells these eggs.

For him, life is good. He is planning his garden step by step and making sure it’s all in its place. He believes it’s the key to success.

His garden, which he named New World Growers is a perfect example of food independence and self-determination in a challenging time with food insecurity on the rise.




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