Dreams Do Come True: 7 Girlfriends Buy a Mansion to ‘Retire & Die’ Together

These seven women from China are taking on a real-life Golden Girls approach to aging after buying a mansion together to live after retirement.

At first, the seven girlfriends said it was all a joke.

But, it turned out to be quite real. Featuring 7,535-square-foot, the house is located in the Guangzhou suburbs- a major city in the south east of China, near Hong Kong.

They said how they mentioned to each other to get together when they reach the age of 60 and live their retired days together. This was in 2008.

However, a decade later, the girlfriends did make their joke a reality.

Girlfriends Buy a Mansion Together to Retire Together

The seven girlfriends gave $584K to purchase and remodel a dilapidated redbrick house into a light-full, glass-coated mansion.

They’ve known each other for more 2 decades and their ages span around 10 years.

Some of them were colleagues and often even closer than siblings. Their 3-and-a-half story estate is surrounded by paddy fields and they have a shared space on the lowest floor.

They also have individual bedrooms for each woman on the upper level.

The mansion’s surprises don’t end here; they also have a tea room, furniture from Morocco and India, tatami mats from hangouts, and a long dining table for group meals.

What’s more, there’s a swimming pool outside and a tea pavilion connected through a bamboo walkway. The group is beyond happy to share life together. They say they’ll spend time cooking, barbecuing, singing, and collecting food from the village.

Some of them know how to cook beautiful foods while others know Chinese medicine. Others grow veggies and play instruments.

This charming group of seven is hopeful to stay together forever.




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