Do You ever Feel like Your Soul Is Tired? 5 Signs of Soul Exhaustion

When we experience a challenging period in life, it’s no secret it can affect us physically. Pain, tiredness or both, we feel like we’re not living, but rather dragging through life.

And, this is what we mean when we say soul exhaustion-when we’ve been through many hard moments and our spirit is crashed and depleted.

Sometimes, you may not recognize it, but it’s real.

When our soul suffers, we’re suffering physically and emotionally. A tired soul isn’t necessarily associated with anxiety or depression.

5 Signs of Soul Exhaustion

  1. You’re not well-rested, even after good night’s sleep

Feeling tired when you wake up may be a sign.

It may indicate a lot of things, including your unwillingness to face the day because of the numerous stressors you encounter during the day, causing you to be in a depressive and lethargic mood.

  • You daydream of a different life

When your soul is tired, you’ve probably awakened to the false reality you live in and you no longer want to b a part of it.

So, you catch yourself daydreaming of running away, living simpler, if possible, away from the daily life stress. Or, you may dream of an entirely different plant-where life would be peaceful and quieter.

It’s not uncommon for the ones with exhausted souls to try and escape reality because their dreams give them a lot of solace.

  • Your body feels it too

People with emotional problems often report feeling pain throughout the body; whether it’s stomach ache, back ache, headaches or joint issues, it could signal soul tiredness.

This is why it’s important to pay attention to your emotional wellbeing when you’ve been struggling with physical ache more often than before.

  • Your emotions are strong

Intense emotions and being unable to express them in the right way may be a signal of a tired soul.

This happens because of the multiple thoughts and feelings in your soul. They’re tangled inside you and you may often find yourself crying, even when nothing’s wrong or feeling angry without a particular reason.

Being very aware of your surroundings and the world may trigger an abundance of different emotions that aren’t easy to manage.

  • You’re not joyous about the activities that once made you happy

If your hobbies aren’t making you happy as they did before, it may be a result of your soul crying out to get attention.

When a person’s soul is tired, it’s not easy to enjoy yourself.

That is, if you loved heading to karaoke night, but you’re now zero interested in doing it, but you’re rather preoccupied with thoughts and other matters draining your energy, it may be the soul that’s tired.




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