Say Goodbye to Oily Hair: Leave this onto the Hair for 5 Minutes

When talking about our hair, one thing is for sure- no one likes to have an oily hair that looks lifeless and dirty. Of course, we need to wash it regularly so that we preserve its optimal health and appearance; however, for some people, an oily and lifeless hair is a chronic problem, despite taking good care of it.

When a person has a chronically oily hair, the major reason behind this problem is the surplus sebum production by the sebaceous glands in the scalp.

This problem does not just make the hair seem greasy, but it may also cause dandruff and itchy scalp. Even though they try out all kinds of shampoos and conditioners that promise to eliminate the greasiness, a lot of these products do not deliver positive results.

This being said, it may be time to turn to powerful natural remedies. We will present one such DIY cure in today’s article. It will help you put an end to the fight with greasy hair without having to spend a small fortune.

DIY Remedy for Oily Hair

You will need:

A couple of apple cider vinegar tbsp

One cup of water (you may need two, depending on the hair’s length)

A spray bottle

Preparation and application: Mix the water and vinegar in the spray bottle. Close it well and then spray it onto the scalp and roots. Repeat the procedure two to three times per week for optimal results.

Why Does Vinegar Help with Oily Hair?

Our scalp has a fungus called Malassezia; however, when it begins to grow excessively, it may lead to greasy hair as well as dandruff and irritated scalp.

Important to note:

If you have an oily hair, make sure you wash the hair every other day. And, remember to use an adequate shampoo, i.e. one for oily hair. This shampoo will work best for your hair and eliminate the bad bacteria, dirt, and oil.



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