Alaskan Man Wakes Up to Find a Family of Lynx Playing on His Porch

One morning, Tim Newton was awakened by noises on his deck. He went out to see what it was happening and could not believe his eyes. He was astonished to see seven lynxes and their mama playing on the porch.

He immediately went for his camera and took amazing photos! They continued playing on the deck and then went into the yard for more than 40 minutes. They were chasing each other, wrestling, and rolling. They were having a good time, without doubt!

Newton pointed out that the mother lynx definitely deserves a lot of respect! She had full hands and had to chase after her children all the time. Once their playtime was over, the mother rounded up the cubs and they went back into the forest.

Newton says that this was a miracle which reminded him of the power and beauty of Nature. Seeing wildlife is always a thrilling experience and he is very thankful for living in such a beautiful place and being able to see this amazing creatures.

Check out the amazing photos below:




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