20 Funny Illustrations Proving the World Has Changed for the Worse

Even though we constantly hear that we should try and do our best to focus on the good and positive things in life, we cannot but overlook the negative things that are happening in the world. Children no longer play outside but are stuck in front of screens and relationships are rarely based on love, but rather short-term satisfaction.

Somehow, losing our phone or not having a large number of Instagram followers seems like the worst thing ever. If you also agree that a lot of things have improved in today’s world, but there are a lot of things we wish did not happen, continue reading the article.

We will show 20 funny, yet completely realistic photos which perfectly illustrate our modern world.

Funny, yet Real Illustrations of the Modern World

  1. Smaller computers, but larger people

2. Holiday photos once and holiday photos with smartphones

3. Checking mail in the past and now

4. Roles are changing

5. Hard work lost its value

6. Being a teacher in the 60s vs. a teacher in the 21st century

7. Smaller TVs, larger people

8. The “evolution” of philosophy

9. How we spent free time once and how we spend it today

10. Durability: then and now

11. Runners, then and now

12. George Lucas: then and now

13. Texting vs. calling

14. Isolation has become the new way of communication

15. Cruelty to barbarism

16. Landline jokes

17. Water has become the new gold

18. The evolution of pants

19. The reality of the world today

20. Get-togethers then and now

How do you like the illustrations? Do they sincerely depict the world we live in today? Share your thoughts in the comment section!




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