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Bye-Bye Cashiers: Walmart Switches to Self-Checkout Option Only

A Walmart store located in Fayetteville in Arkansas is changing their shoppers’ experience in the midst of the pandemic by using self-checkout counters without actual human cashiers. According to a spokesperson of the company, this Walmart will remove the conveyor belt lanes and switch on self-checkout counters. The purpose of […]

Ashton Kutcher Helps Save 6000 Children from Human Sex Trafficking

Ashton Kutcher Quietly Saves 6,000 Children From Human Sex Trafficking

Ashton Kutcher is much more than a good-looking and acknowledged Hollywood actor- he’s also a businessman who’s invested in tech companies and entertainment. But, his impressive resume doesn’t stop there- he’s also done some amazing work in the fight against human sex trafficking. Thanks to his non-profit organization Thorn: Digital […]

Plants Cannot Grow near a Wi-Fi Router, a Student Experiment Shows

Plants Cannot Grow near a Wi-Fi Router, a Student Experiment Shows

When talking about Wi-Fi, we cannot but ignore its appeal. This revolutionary technology available since 1999 eliminates the need for cables and wires for computers and gives us the opportunity to be online from anywhere with a signal. However, despite its numerous advantages, studies continue showing that the radiation produced […]

Scientists Claim: Hiking Changes Your Brain

Doctors Explain How Hiking Actually Changes Our Brains

Of course, a quality mountain or forest hike can really cleanse our body and mind and science is also pro-hiking because it can change the brain for better! In addition to offering an instant emotion of calm and satisfaction, time spend outdoors and hiking can reduce overthinking and fight off […]