Doing Away with Single-Use Plastics: This Is the New Eco-Friendly Banana Leaf Tech

Will we finally be able to say goodbye to the harmful single-use plastics?

This multipurpose reusable banana leaf packaging may hold the answer to the global plastic pollution.

Unfortunately, a mountain of disposable plastics is being thrown on the daily whereas there’s a huge garbage patch floating in the Pacific.

But, there’s a company which decided to do something about our overuse of single-use plastics. The company, Tenith Innovations created the Banana Leaf Technology and are using banana leaves for numerous purposes.

Unfortunately, more than 50 percent of the global plastics and paper is used one time only and then disposed. This leads to the annual cutting down of 7 billion tress.

The Company’s Dedication to Listen to Nature

For the company, our mother nature gives us everything we need and it’s up to us to make the right choices.

Their Banana Leaf Technology is a cellular eco-friendly tech which preserves leaves and organic biomaterials for up to 12 months without using any chemicals.

This technique is the brain child of Tenith Adithyaa, an Indian innovation scholar who’s the CEO of the Altruu network.

What Is the Natural Preservation Technique?

In general, leaves and biomaterials degrade within several days so they’re not a good alternative to plastics.

On the other hand, the Banana Leaf Tech strengthens the leaves’ physical properties and makes them last longer and makes them usable as a replacement for plastics and paper.

With the usage of a natural preservative, Adithyaa successfully strengthened the leaves and increased their lifespan to three years; however, they’ll still lose their color after 12 months.

According to a report, by the year of 2050, there will be more plastics in our seas than fish.

So, solutions such as these are more than welcomed and may finally be the change that will help us live in a world free of plastics, not in a world that’s overwhelmed by it.

Banana Leaves as a Packaging Alternative in Thai Supermarket

In 2019, a Thai supermarket had enough of plastic packaging so they decided to wrap their produce in leaves from banana.

After the photos of the packaging were shared on social media, they quickly gained the attention of the public.





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