This Woman Quit Her Career & Became a Professional Dog Party Planner: Would You Do It?

This woman spent more than 30 years in the events industry and has collaborated with some of the richest people in the world.

She helped them plan their international events and was there for them every step of the way. However, one day, she decided it was time to focus on something different.

Even though she practically remained part of the events industry, she switched her role and instead became a party planner for dogs.

Switching from Humans to Dogs

Niki Sohrabkani, who’s long been an animal lover, previously had a 6-figure salary. However, she decided to go for a change- she wanted to become a party planner for dogs after she had an unusual request from one client.

The client requested from Niki to organize a party for 20 dogs. The party was a major success and was beyond fun.

After the success, Niki knew she wanted to do this full-time. She wanted to blend her event organization passion and her love for dogs.

She has definitely succeeded.

Niki’s Team Is Going Strong, Dogs Are Having the Times of their Lives?

Today, Niki has a successful dog party event organization company and works with a team of 5 other people. Since she made the change, she has organized 30 exclusive parties for dogs in the last year.

They help create luxurious events for dogs according to the needs of their owners.

She uses themed decorations, dog friendly food, and dog friendly drinks. The dogs get to enjoy musical paws, popcorn, and wear fancy dog clothes.

And, while all of this is happening, the owner gets to relax. Their loved pooches are playing while they get to enjoy some delicious canapés and champagne.

Niki has two labradoodles, Holly and Chelsea, which she also loves spoiling.

The parties she and her team organize are the most popular in the LA and New York.

Would you allow them to organize a party for your poochers?





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