Wash Your Sheets Weekly, Otherwise, This Will Happen

Though you may love your bed more than anything else, it’s a wasteland of germs.

Most people don’t find the time to make their beds daily, let alone, wash their sheets weekly, right?

However, skipping this chore may not be the best solution. When we sleep night after night on dirty sheets, we’ll have to deal with some pretty horrible side effects.

A lot of people dislike laundry day, but you certainly don’t dislike it more than germs and bacteria.

Our Beds Are Full of Gross Stuff

Did you know that our beds are filled with 500 million cells that we shed on the daily, including our perspiration, fungi, pollen, and mold?

This is why it’s never recommendable to sit on the bed where you sleep with clothes you wear outside.

Namely, our sheets collect sweat, dirt, and oil, claims Joshua Zeichner, MD and director of the cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

When we fail to wash our bed sheets regularly, it puts our skin in contact with these things. Consequently, we have a higher risk of acne, skin irritation, and possible infections.

The recommendation from experts is to wash our sheets weekly. But, people who’re ill, who sleep nude or who don’t shower after a workout or after a long time of being outdoors, may need to wash them even more often.

Excellent Bed Sheet Washing Tips

When washing your bed sheets, make sure you set the hottest temperature settings, according to the care labels.

The hotter the temperature of the water, the less likely are the germs, dust mites, and pollen to survive.

Also, if possible, use a hypoallergenic detergent and one that’s free of fragrances. Avoid using too much of it because this can cause the molecules to lodge between the fabrics’ fibers.





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