Blue Macaw Parrot from the Movie Rio Is officially Extinct

According to the 2011 Rio movie by 20th Century Fox, a blue macaw travels thousands of miles from Minnesota to Brazil to save its endangered species. The threat to the blue macaw started in the 80s. Unfortunately, in 2018, this bird has been officially declared as extinct.

Now, the Rio movie seems like a eulogy which we cannot watch without feeling sad that the Jewel no longer exists. 

Did you know that a study discovered that the Jewel would have been dead 11 years before the release of the movie? Continue reading the article to learn more about this study.

The Wonderful Macaw Is No Longer among Us

The study done by BirdLife International was shocking, but certainly not surprising. Sadly, a lot of our ways negatively influence the wildlife and destroy species and habitats. Our inability to comprehend the negative effects on planet Earth has taken another victim, i.e. the beautiful Spix’s macaw from Brazil.

Alongside this blue bird, other seven species have been declared extinct too. This is a real tragedy and there is no one to blame but humans. How are we contributing to species extinction?

Our Wrongdoings Are Destroying Species & Habitats

BirdLife International claims that the major cause for the extinction is the increase in deforestation. As a result of the cutting of forests, these birds, and numerous others, are losing their natural habitat.

As these birds were not adaptive enough and because they lived near dominant predators, they slowly disappeared. Nowadays, they can only be found in captivity. Even though there are some reports of breeding programs, there is no official statement about them. The status of the 60 to 80 macaws left has changed from free as the air to captive like prisoners.

Moreover, three other species have been entirely wiped out, i.e. the cryptic tree-hunter and the Alagoas foliage gleaner, as well as the Poo-Uli. There are no captive birds for breeding of these species and nowadays, they can only be seen on photos.

The Future Looks Worse If We Don’t Do Something

If we continue doing what we are doing, what will be left from our amazing planet Earth? Without doubt, personal responsibility is necessary and putting greed aside. Because of our cruel and careless ways, the wildlife is at threat and we need to do something before it is too late!




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