Strong Women Choose Being Alone over Being with Assholes!

Of course, dating can be fun and amazing; however, very often, it is nothing more than a waste of time. And, failed relationships are a proof of this and men who do not call back or show respect towards women. Women definitely do not need this type of behavior in their life and they can do better!

Women Are Better Off Alone than with Disrespectful Men

Even though you may think otherwise, you do not need to wait for someone to call you or to show respect. And, you should never be with a liar or someone who wants to change you.

But, as he is sexy and beautiful, you think that he deserves a second chance and that he will change for the better. But, in most of the cases, they do not. Of course, nobody is perfect and we all have flaws; however, lying and cheating are our conscious choices.

Therefore, you need not be with this type of men just because you do not want to be single. Believe us; it is better to be on your own until you find a good man for you. And, being single is not as “terrible” as many describe it. In fact, it can be quite amazing!

Being Single Is Not a Bad Thing

When you are single, you have the liberty of doing whatever you like every day. There is no one to judge your long hours at the hairdresser or your binge watching of your favorite TV shows. Being single has nothing to do with being alone and sometimes; we can feel alone despite being in a relationship.

You do not a man who behaves like a jerk. You can be single and enjoy the things you want to enjoy. You can explore the world and find your soul mate. Do not get trapped by such men- find yourself a good guy. You deserve a guy who will care for you, rather than bash every single thing you do.

When you feel disappointed because you cannot find a decent man, remember that you are a powerful, independent, and a free-willed woman who can have everything without a man by your side.

Being Single Is Liberating

Remember, there is nothing to be afraid of when you are single. And, you do not need dating to feel genuine happiness in life. Believe us; happiness is much more than having a boyfriend. Happiness is when you feel free and comfortable with your life.

If you decide to date, remember to do it cautiously. Bear in mind that you already have all the things you need, that is, you have yourself! Enjoy every moment you spend with yourself and do not waste your time dreaming of the perfect man. Avoid wasting your time, energy, and nerves on unworthy men.

Take Home Message

When you love yourself, others will love you too. What does it mean to love yourself? It means that you enjoy life and do not sacrifice yourself for men with no dignity and respect. Find your inner strength and succeed in the world with your uniqueness. As Buddha said, you, as much as any other person in the universe, deserve your affection and love.




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