Healthy Fast Food Brand Kettlebell Kitchen Goes into Liquidation due to ‘Unprofitable Trading’

The popular healthy fast food chain in Manchester known as Kettlebell Kitchen which was opened in 2017 has gone into liquidation due to inability to secure funding for wages. The Salford and the First Street branches have already been closed whereas the one on Great Ancoats Street is still opened.

Unfortunately, this appears to be the closure for the gym-themed brand of fast food which supplied clientele with alternatives to junk foods, including clean kebabs and protein pizza.

Providing Healthy Alternatives to Fast Foods

According to the founder, Carley Jones who loves Crossfit, a quality menu was pivotal and there were no shortcuts in the preparation of the meals. In one interview, she pointed out that they sourced their meat locally from a farm in Leads without any middle men.

The meat was free of preservatives and additives and as organic as possible. She also emphasized that all of their sauces were homemade and fresh.

Things Went Sideways

Despite the good start, members were informed about the loss of jobs and closure. According to a statement by the food chain, the company had to enter liquidation because of stores trading unprofitably, influencing cash flow, and leading to a negative impact on the whole business.

Previously, the company was able to secure funds to pay its employees and they hoped that this could also be done on the following occasion. However, this was impossible and the company regrets the effect which this had on the employees and creditors. The owner is devastated because this was more than a business for her- it was her passion.




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