21-Year-Old Opens Her Vegan Restaurant & Proves Wellness Is not just for the Elite

Sol Sips is a new vegan restaurant in Brooklyn whose owner is trying to make plant-based food affordable to everyone instead of charging $10 for a green juice or $20 for a salad as it is often the case with other healthy food restaurants. The owner of the restaurant, 21-year-old Francesca Chaney, says that her goal with opening up this restaurant is to enable tasty, healthy, and convenient food for the community in the inner city.

As someone who worked three different jobs, she understands the challenges of people when it is breakfast or lunch time. She points out that people living in areas with lower incomes may not necessarily enjoy fast food more than healthy food; however, in the world where healthy food is expensive, their choices are limited.

Healthy Food Should Be Available to Everyone

For Chaney, following a healthy lifestyle is not just meant for the upper-class. During her studies, she started eating healthy herself- made her own smoothies and started eating more plant-based foods. She noticed that she felt fuller with energy and lighter.

Amazed by the positive effects of wellness on her overall health, she began making juices and smoothies for her family and friends and three years later, the idea for Sol Sips was born.

Sol Sips’s Menu Is Amazing

Today, Chaney offers much more than smoothies and juices in her restaurant, including different coffees, vegan omelets, wraps, soups, etc. Every Saturday, there is a sliding scale brunch, i.e. everyone can buy a full vegan meal plus a drink for $7 to $15.

She did not want her restaurant to become somewhere where her friends cannot come and enjoy good food just because it is too expensive. The prices of the drinks range from $6 to $9 whereas of the meals from $4 to $10.

As a black and female entrepreneur, she believes that her community is not yet properly recognized. She wants her restaurant to be more than accessible for everyone, but also a welcoming and non-judgmental area where people can enjoy good food.

Chaney’s efforts do not stop here. She has numerous other plans for the restaurant, including a farm-to-table component and a launch of an internship program for brown girls in Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Brownsville, and East New York.

Chaney, at the end of the day, is still a college student who is figuring out life slowly. Being in her 20s and a business owner is not easy, but, she is doing her best trying to run the restaurant and avoid getting burned out.

Check out the restaurant’s Instagram page here.




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