Couple Who Served in WWII Together, Married for Seven Decades, Pass Away on Same Day

Unfortunately, modern-day relationships tend to last for a couple of years and a lot of them are not based on genuine values like love and respect. But, there are a couple of love stories which have survived the test of time and left a significant mark and will always inspire people who are still in search of their true love.

Contrary to what you may have thought, a successful relationship requires so many other things rather than a physical attraction and passion. Let us find out which.

Do We Know How to Love?

According to Andrea Mathews, a licensed professional counselor and a certified counseling supervisor, being in love with someone does not mean that your relationship will function. In order to be in a functioning relationship, you need to be compatible with that person and that both of you have the adequate skills. Love is, before anything else, a long-term commitment which opens up the deepest parts of our beings.

What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Healthy and successful love exists when partners are emotionally interdependent, i.e. both of them love one another, but also care for one another, want to be physically close, and have enough respect for their own individualities. Effort and dedication from both parties is what helps a relationship last.

Heartwarming Story: A Real Example of True Love

Back in the days when they were studying in Philadelphia, Preble Staver and Isabell Whitney met on a blind date. They soon started dating and then decided to sign up in the US military during WW2. Preble was a Marine with a Bronze Star while Isabell worked as a Navy nurse. 5 months after the end of the war, they reunited and married in 1946.

They spent a life full of joy and love and went through the numerous obstacles in life together. Preble worked as a banker and lobbyist and so they moved frequently. They lived in South Carolina, Florida, and Virginia.

They have five children and one of them is the 63-year-old Laurie Clinton. She describes her father as a tall and outgoing man with a strong personality while her mother taught her how to be a compassionate and kind person.

Unfortunately, one of their children, Peter, died in his high school senior year during what it turned out to be his last football game. Though this tragedy took a toll on her parents, Laurie recalls that it also made them even stronger. They agreed that they will go through this together and supported each other.

Then, in 2013, Isabell was diagnosed with dementia so the couple moved into a long-term care facility in Norfolk, Virginia. They lived in the same facility, but slept in separate rooms. But, they still found other ways to express their love. Laurie remembers that even when her dad was in a wheelchair, he would wheel himself to the unit where his wife was to visit her.

They would hold hands together and tell how much they loved each other. On her 86th birthday, Preble wanted to have a nap together with his wife. The staff fulfilled his wish and they held hands and fell asleep together. Several days after this event, Isabell passed away with her husband by her side. And, after only 14 hours, Preble passed away too. They ended their journey together, one which lasted for 71 years.

Their love is still felt among the people who knew them or had the chance to meet them. They are indeed a proof that real love exists.

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