A Beekeeper Trains His Bees To Make Honey With Cannabis Resin

Believe it or not, a beekeeper from France and an active user of cannabis spent years on researching how to bring these two parts in his life together. And, he came up with a solution, i.e. something he refers to as cannahoney.

The 39-year-old French, known as Nicolas Trainerbees, had this nickname for the past 20 years. He is proud of it because it associates him with animals and bees. Nicolas has been so much around insects and bees that he actually trained them to behave as he wants.

Nicolas’s Cannahoney

According to Nicolas, he has successfully trained his bees to do several things, including the collection of sugar from fruits, rather than from flowers. He is currently working with the bees that produce cannahoney. He explains that the bees are the ones who do the job- he just uses a training technique while the bees collect the resin and use it in the beehive.

Why did he decide to train his bees in this way? -Because his friends and more than 10,000 followers on Instagram and Facebook suggested it. For a long period of time, he had been studying bees and was aware that the possible results could be very successful.

He adds that he long knew about the health advantages of bee products like propolis, pollen, honey, royal jelly, and wax, but also about the benefits of cannabis.

Since everything that goes through the bees’ bodies is made better, he concluded that if they take the resin from cannabis too, that it will also be more effective.

After years of tests, he started to produce the cannahoney in 2013. His cannahoney is a tasty nectar with a floral aroma and a light green, white, and yellow color. He explains that it is not intended for smoking, but for ingestion and it is amazing for the overall health.

Who Is Nicolas Trainerbees?

The beekeeper from France has used cannabis from an early age and he considers himself an individual who is passionate about nature and animal training.  But, not everything went smoothly with his cannahoney, i.e. he had to confront the laws of his country.

Hyperactive since the age of seven, Nicolas was labeled unsuitable in the formal education system and soon, he decided to leave school. At a very young age, that is, somewhere before the age of 10, he discovered cannabis and used it to help him calm down his hyperactivity.

However, his project received criticism by some people claiming that the cannabis was harming the bees, but he knew that this is not the case. He waited for two years before his project was consolidated and showed everyone that there is no harm being done on the bees.




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