DIY Cream To Rejuvenate Facial Skin and Get Rid Of Wrinkles!

Nowadays, there is rarely an adult who has not faced a problem with wrinkles on their skin- one of the most common signs of aging skin. Though both men and women are prone to them, women seem to be the more affected ones and are constantly in search of products and remedies that will help them get rid of these annoying lines.

They spend a lot of money on facial treatments and expensive store-bought creams in hope to get the skin they had before. But, the results are scarce or short-term. This being said, it is good to know that there are potent, yet affordable and easy-to-make DIY anti-wrinkle creams.

Before we learn a recipe for one such potent cream, let us learn more about wrinkles…

What Are Wrinkles & Why Do We Have Them?

These creases or ridges in the skin are a normal sign of aging; however, they can also develop after being in the water for a longer period of time. Thanks to facial expressions, the first wrinkles appear on the face.

Other contributing factors include dehydration, smoking, meds, genetics, and the environment. The most common areas where wrinkles appear are the face and neck, but the back of the hands and the arms too.

DIY All-Natural Cream to Treat Wrinkles

This facial mask is rich in antioxidants that will moisturize your skin from inside and keep it safe from free radical damage. Plus, it can help with dark circles and acne, not just wrinkles. Come on; let us check out the recipe together below…

You will need:

A tbsp of organic honey

A cup of water

A tbsp of milk

3 tbsp of rice

Preparation: Put the rice in a bowl and add the water. Bring it to cook for 3 minutes. Then, you need to remove it from heat and leave it to cool down. Strain it into a glass container. Add the honey and milk (warm it up previously) to the cooked mixture and mix fine until you get a homogeneous paste-like texture.

Application: On a previously washed face, apply the mask with the fingertips and by massaging gently in circular movements. Leave it for 15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse it off. Apply a hydrating moisturizer afterwards.

Repeat on a weekly basis for optimal effect.




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