High School Dropout Becomes a Millionaire: He Builds Beaches in People’s Backyards

For a lot of people, finding their true calling may take time, but when it happens, it can transform our life!

This happened for the 33-year-old Eric White, formerly homeless and now the owner of Zydeco Construction, a company based in Louisiana that builds beaches in the yards of people and believe it or not, he is earning millions.   

The Inspiring Story of Eric White

At the age of 15, White became a homeless and this lasted for around eight months. He told USA Today that his childhood was not an easy one. He actually dropped out of school in the ninth grade with only a second-grade reading skill. Unfortunately, he found it hard to even spell his name.

However, despite the lack of formal education, he always felt a passion for construction and that he was pretty good at it. He believed that if he worked with construction that he could really achieve something good.

So, he began working for a local construction company to be able to pay his bills. Then, he started working in a Baton Rouge company which paid him $12 per hour. He explains that the man for whom he worked took him under his wing and taught him a lot of different things. And, believe it or not, in a period of six months, he was already team manager.

White’s Journey Has only Begun

White continued working up his way up the ladder and changed several construction companies before he opened up his own! His first business was called Cool Pools. He did very well with it and he sold it for more than a million dollars. His next venture was his Zydeco Construction.

The Success with Zydeco Construction

The main focus of this company is building beach-like swimming ponds with crystal blue water that are surrounded by sand. Every pond is customizable and can include accessories like outdoor kitchen, umbrellas, gazebos, etc. For the 33-year-old successful builder, only the sky is the limit when it comes to creating the dream beach for you.

The pounds are beautifully created and leave people in awe. The average cost for this beach-like pond in your yard is around $20,000. No pond is the same and it is a uniquely designed for the customer. It takes a lot of time and effort to be made, but once it is finished, it will dazzle you every day.




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