Top 10 Habits Of People With Concealed Depression

Did you know that depression is a severe mental disease which may go undiagnosed for years? Unfortunately, those with concealed depression are fighting with their own “demons” and do not share their inner thoughts and feelings with others due to fear of becoming a burden.

For a lot of people, talking about our struggles and wounds is not something we find easy and straightforward. As a result, we end up bottling things inside and hoping they will go away on their own or that we will alone find something that will help us.

If you suspect that you or someone close to you is battling with depression, continue reading this article. We will present the 10 most common habits of people with concealed depression.

10 Habits of People with Hidden Depression

  • Highly talented and expressive

The suffering happening in people with some mental disease often makes them feel things deeper. Often times, their struggles and problems are seen in their works, whether art, music, acting, poetry, etc. They are so talented and expressive that they are able to make something beautiful out of the darkness inside them.

  • Abandonment issues

Abandonment can have numerous negative effects on one’s mental health. Having a loved person walk out of your life can be a horrible thing to go through, especially for those with depression. This may make them even more secretive about their thoughts and feelings due to fear of being abandoned again.

  • They always think of the worst outcome

Being highly intelligent and depressive at the same time can be very stressful, but also advantageous. People with depression usually think about something from all possible angles and therefore, may have better response or answer to a specific situation.

  • They are in a constant need of meaning and purpose

Of course, we all need a meaning in our lives and to think that we are doing something purposeful. And, this is also the case in depressive people who are constantly in the search for the reason of their existence. Being more prone to anxiousness may often cause them to search for something they cannot seem to achieve in their minds.

  • Odd sleeping and eating habits

People with depression may often have diet-related problems when they are at their worst. For example, they may not be able to eat at all or may eat too much. It usually depends on the individual. Moreover, they rarely have normal sleeping schedule and there are times when they sleep too much and periods when they are struggling with insomnia.

  • Tend to “fake” happiness

People who are depressive may be considered “experts” in covering up their real mood. They will usually strike you as the happy and normal individual; however, the truth is very different. Why do they do this? Because they may feel that if they express their true self, they may disappoint others.

  • Cannot shut off their minds

People who are dealing with depression process everything in their lives at a very fast speed. They tend to overanalyze everything and rethink what they said or did deeply and thoroughly. Their brains act like sponges that absorb everything that comes their way, regardless of whether it is their battle to fight or not.

  • Highly empathic

The depressive individual will suffer with others when they are suffering. Their emotional ache will increase and cause them additional burden.

  • In search of love and acceptance

Depressive individuals do not always openly talk about their depression because they want to protect their heart, not because they are liars. They want to receive the love and acceptance as we all do!

  • Great at coming up with cover up stories

If a depressive individual has not returned to your calls for days or if they have skipped several days at work, they will have the most thorough and elaborate excuse. And, when the attention turns to them, they can easily change the subject so that their struggles and pains remain hidden.



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