Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, A Study Shows

Believe it or not, bald may be the new black when it comes to men who are dominant, sexy, and manly! It appears that the hairless and shiny scalps of bald men are no longer considered unattractive. Namely, according to a new research, the bald-headed look in middle age men is wildly attractive.

Usually, the balding process in men is slow and it may take several years or a couple of decades to lose the hair completely. Studies suggest that by the age of 35, around 66 percent of men lose a significant amount of hair and by the age of 55, around 90 percent of men experience complete hair loss.

Regarding pattern baldness, it may happen in men with family history of baldness because the presence of the androgen receptor gene. This gene plays a pivotal role in the hair growth regulation.

Bald Men Are Now Considered Sexy

For a long period of time, baldness was a major contributor to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. As a result, men spend a lot of money hoping to reverse of stop the hair loss. However, newest findings indicate that going bald or shaving your hair completely may be the best thing to do!

According to Dr. Frank Muscarella from the Florida’s Barry University, the male participants in the study were rated in 4 different quadrants, that is, physical attractiveness, appeasement, aggressiveness, and social maturity ranging from honesty, intelligence, and social status. One group of participants scored photos of men who had hair whereas the others scored the same men but with their hair removed digitally.

The results showed that most people from the groups perceived bald men to be stronger, intelligent, and more honest. And, with some of the most handsome men in Hollywood being bold, for example, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, it should come as no surprise that the study concluded that people find balder men sexier and more masculine.

With this in mind, if there was ever a time to be happy because you are bold, it is now. Though this is far from the ideal situation for many, you can still feel and look good and be more confident about your appearance. When you choose to embrace who you are rather than be ashamed of it, who knows what will become available for you!



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