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Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, A Study Shows

Believe it or not, bald may be the new black when it comes to men who are dominant, sexy, and manly! It appears that the hairless and shiny scalps of bald men are no longer considered unattractive. Namely, according to a new research, the bald-headed look in middle age men […]

Scientists Claim: Intelligence Passes from Mother to Child, not from Fathers

Intelligence Is Not Inherited Only From Mothers

“Note: A correction was made directly in this story at the request of an independent fact checker for Facebook” There have been plenty of inaccurate articles circulating round the social media that had claimed that the intelligence passes from mother to child. According to these false claims, we inherit a […]

What Can We Learn about Healthy Living from the Amish?

What Can We Learn about Healthy Living from the Amish?

Did you know that the Amish have one of the lowest cancer and autism rates in the nation? Hence, it is no wonder people want to learn their “secret” to good health and longevity. According to research done by Ohio State University, it appears that they have built a resistance […]