What Can We Learn about Healthy Living from the Amish?

Did you know that the Amish have one of the lowest cancer and autism rates in the nation? Hence, it is no wonder people want to learn their “secret” to good health and longevity. According to research done by Ohio State University, it appears that they have built a resistance to illness through spiritual development, focus on family, modesty, and clean rural living.

But there is more to it than this; let us learn about it in the text below…

The Longevity Secret of the Amish

In the Amish communities, smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as sexual promiscuity, are minimal and they are also known to only eat food which is from a land or a pasture, never processed. They are also very physically active; as noted on Healthy Holistic Living, averagely speaking, they walk 18,000 (men) and 14,000 (women) steps on a daily basis, which is a quite higher number than that of other American citizens who mostly rely on cars and public transport to get to places.

Are the Amish Immune to Illnesses?

It is important to note that diseases are not unknown to the Amish- they are just of different nature. Namely, they have higher rates of specific genetic and metabolic disorders due to being segregated from other populations and even closed off from other communities, thus, their gene pool is quite limited.

These disorders elevate the death rate in children, which the Amish refer to as the God’s Will. Genetic isolation is also known to elevate the chance for heart illness, dwarfism, and diabetes, but it may be what is protecting them from other illnesses such as cancer, a study mentioned on Healthy Holistic Living suggests.

What Could We all Learn from the Amish?

Here are several aspects of the lifestyle of Amish people which may teach us how to live a happier and healthier life:

  1. Forgive

For the Amish people, not being able to forgive and holding anger and resentment is similar to taking poison and expecting the other one to die.

  1. Reduce your electronics usage

The Amish have it pretty good without too much electricity, computers, and cell phones. Even though technology and electronic devices have its perks, there is no need of being online all the time. Try to spend more time surrounded with people and communicating face to face or write a letter to your friend. Read a book or listen to your favorite music- there are so many better things to do than stare at a phone’s screen.

  1. Do not rush

For the Amish people, taking it easy is essential and there is even a popular Amish saying for this: “Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.”.

  1. Be humble

For the Amish people, success does not mean constantly accumulating things; but to learn to appreciate the things you already have.

  1. Show generosity

The Amish are well known for helping out their neighboor to make a new barn by raising money from the whole community. Though your friend or neighbour may not necessarily need a barn, they may need a helping hand in their garden or someone to help them fix their car, so, make sure you are there for them.




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