5 Reasons Why This Little Weed Is One Of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicines

Plaintain is a common weed which is frequently seen growing in lawns, gardens, and even in driveway cracks. Though your first thought of this plant is to pick it up and throw it away, you should know that this is a potent plant with some pretty amazing healing properties, according to Healthy Holistic Living.

Many use it to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with menstrual periods, to treat acne, and reduce arthritis symptoms. For more than hundreds of years, plaintain, a very common weed, has been part of alternative medicine.

If you are still unsure whether you should save the plaintain from your garden or not, read the list shown below. It is consisted of the best reasons why this is one of the potent natural cures ever.

5 Best Reasons Why Plaintain Is Amazing

  • Betters the digestion

A lot of people who have used plaintain claim it to be beneficial in decreasing inflammation and helps heal any gut lining damage as a result of antibiotic overuse, toxic overloads, GMO foods, and so on. Steeping plantain leaves makes an excellent extract that can better the health of the gut.

  • Alleviates hemorrhoids

The astringent characteristics of plantain can help treat hemorrhoids. You can process the plant and use it to  prepare an ointment or lotion to apply onto the hemorrhoids. This will cease the blood flow to the hemorrhoid and thus, alleviate swelling, redness, and pain.

  • Speeds up the healing of wounds

Plaintain can help speed up the healing of minor wounds and bites from insects and bugs. It is also a good practice to chew a leaf or two because it can help you remove skin toxins and avert scars and infections.

  • It can treat congestion

This plant is abundant in a mineral known as silica and it posesses expectorant characteristics too. Hence, it can help you treat congestion and remove mucus, relieve cold symptoms, and better the health of your respiratory tract.

  • It can be helpful in treating blood illnesses

According to Healthy Holistic Living, plantain can be of great aid in treating almost all blood illnesses, as well as mercury poisoning, female health issues, diarrhea, injuries, rashes, and bites on the skin.

How to Consume Plantain?

  • Eat it raw in salads
  • Chew several leaves on the daily
  • Mix it into stir fries




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