Baby Born With Gray Hair Has The Internet Talking

When this baby was born, both the doctors and the mother were surprised- this cute newborn had gray hair. Baby Bence was born with a normal weight almost 12 pounds and a normal height of 21 inches. But, his whole hair was bright white.

To find out the cause for this, the doctors ordered blood tests.

What Did the Blood Test Results Show?

According to the doctors, the low levels of melanin contributed to the white hair; however, some doctors claimed that this could be a symptom of a disease or prenatal stress.  

Namely, infants are considered to be more susceptible to anxiousness and stress if the mother experienced high levels of stress during pregnancy.

Other possible complications include higher risk of infections, premature birth, and low weight.

The doctors weren’t sure if the baby’s hair would go darker as it’s often the case with other babies who’re born with lighter hair or if this was caused by albinism or some other issue.

The Hospital Staff Adored the Baby

The baby became so popular at the maternity ward and everyone from the staff soon started calling him the Prince Charming. After photos of the little one with the most beautiful satin-like white hair appeared on the internet, he got a lot of attention.

Many claimed that the baby’s hair is white because of albinism, a rare condition triggered by the lack of melanin that makes the hair very light in color, as well as the skin, and may also cause vision issues.

Believe it or not, this condition happens approximately in 1 in 17,000 individuals on a global level. Could this happen to adorable baby Bence?

So, What Was the Reason for the White Hair in this Baby?

The doctors explained that white hair in newborns in often linked with genetics and it may be a result of vitamin B12 deficiency or mutant cells in the hair.

Even though they’re still not completely sure of the main reason for the white hair color, all the tests showed that this baby is healthy and the parents are satisfied. It remains to be seen whether his hair color will begin to darken as he grows up…

The doctors claim that the loss of pigmentation in the baby’s hair is short-term and it’s only happening in his hair and thinks that the baby’s melanin levels will elevate as he grows up, similarly it does in a lot of other babies.