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The Cute Baby Born with Gray Hair Takes over the Internet

Baby Born With Gray Hair Has The Internet Talking

When this baby was born, both the doctors and the mother were surprised- this cute newborn had gray hair. Baby Bence was born with a normal weight almost 12 pounds and a normal height of 21 inches. But, his whole hair was bright white. To find out the cause for […]

7 Dangerous Ways You Are Causing Slow & Sure Brain Cell Death

7 Dangerous Ways You Are Causing Slow & Sure Brain Cell Death

Without doubt, Alzheimer’s is one of the most terrifying mental diseases today and if you have someone in your surrounding with this illness, you know how sad it can be. You are seeing your loved one starting to behave differently, feeling sadder and crying often. This and other degenerative diseases, […]

Important Discovery: Panic Attacks & Anxiety Linked to Vitamin & Iron Deficiency

Panic Attacks and Anxiety Linked to Low Vitamin B and Iron Levels

Unfortunately, some of the most common mental health problems today are anxiety and panic attacks. But, according to newest research, these mental health issues are not entirely mental in nature. Namely, it was discovered that our diet and some other aspects of our physical health influence our mental well-being. This […]