This Tibetan Bowls Transform The Negative Energy And Relieve The Stress

Though you may think it is a bowl because of the name, it actually is not. Tibetan Bowl is actually an instrument which is commonly used in sound therapy. For hundreds of years, healers, shamans, and people from all over the world have been studying, practicing, and teaching how to play this instrument.

The sounds released by the playing of this instrument are considered to possess healing powers and many consider it to be a potent healing tool when in the right hands. Continue reading the article to learn the major health advantages of Tibetan singing bowls.

These singing bowls are a particular type of bell which is commonly used to produce second and third harmonics.

The Healing Sounds of Tibetan Bowls

People who have heard someone playing this instrument agree their amazing influence on the well-being. The sounds resonate in every cell in the body and specialists refer to this phenomenon as a vibration rub. It is considered to benefit the whole being and boost the vitality.

The bowl, as its name suggests, originates from Tibet, India, but nowadays, it can be found worldwide. It is most widely made in Nepal, but China and Japan too.

The Uses of Tibetan Bowls

Whether it is meditation, music production, Reiki healing sessions, relaxation or personal well-being, this instrument is frequently used by numerous people. There are a lot of recordings you can find online and help start a meditation session or relax the body before a yoga session.

Their sound helps you get into a blissful state of consciousness and nourish your being.

The Health Benefits of Tibetan Bowls

  • Reduce negative feelings like anger
  • Boost the blood flow
  • Lower stress and anxiousness
  • Alleviate pain and relax the body
  • Balance the chakras
  • Elevate the mental and emotional clarity
  • Promote happiness, well-being, and calmness
  • Stimulate the immunity

According to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine in the Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, if we realize that sound is vibration and that vibration touches every area of our physical being, we can understand that sound is not solely heard through the ears, but received through each cell of the body.

He further asserts that sound has healing capacities because of its deep transformation of our spiritual and emotional levels. It can be of aid in treatment of imbalances and medical problems.

How Singing Bowls Better the Healing Process?

The sound from the bowls trains the brain to enter into Theta brain wave frequencies which lead to peaceful and meditative states of mind and intuition. The healing vibrations positively affect the nervous system, impede stress and response to pain, and help us engage our relaxation reflex.

By listening to their sound, the internal dialogue is calmed down and the brain waves are synchronized. One becomes more aware of the mind to body connection.

Our body parts have distinct resonating frequency and when some part, like an organ, is out of tune or out of harmony, the state is known as disease. To go back to a healthy state, there needs to be a harmony between the entire being and every cell and organ.





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