10 Shocking Truths about Cast Iron Pans You Need to Know

Have you been searching for a healthier cookware than those toxic, non-stick options? Are you having problems finding cookware that is good for cooking and that will not you’re your health?

Of course, stainless steel cookware is considered the healthiest alternative out there; however, it is rather expensive and it is not the best choice for eggs, pancakes or some other foods that the non-stick options excel at. This is where cast iron cookware can be of great help!

You will definitely purchase a cast iron skillet after you learn 10 shocking facts about this affordable and healthy cookware.

10 Reasons Why Cast Iron Cookware Is Great

  • Do not release toxic fumes

Cast iron cookware will help you stay away from all the toxic fumes released by non-stick cookware. And, it is a great alternative to aluminum cookware too, which also has its disadvantages when it comes to the overall health.

  • It is non-stick

A preheated cast iron skillet which is properly seasoned will not burn the food and it will not stick onto the pan.

  • You can bake in it

In addition to using it on the stove, you can bake in the cast iron skillet. This is an excellent option for frittatas, flat bread, and corn bread.

  • Easy to maintain

Cast iron is not hard to clean. The food remains will easily lift of it. Do not use harsh soaps because they may erode the seasoning of the skillet.

  • Affordable

Unlike stainless steel 12-inch skillets that may be priced at $100, a similar size cast iron skillet costs somewhere below $30.

  • Suitable for any heat source

Whether on the stove or on the camping fire, a cast iron skillet is there for you. It is definitely one of the most versatile cookware.

  • Cooks the food greatly

If you want restaurant-quality fish sticks, potato pancakes or French toasts, you definitely need to choose a cast iron skillet. It prevents browning and will create beautiful golden and crispy exteriors.

  • Sturdy and durable

As it does not scratch, you need not use plastic or wooden utensils to scoop or stir. You can use any utensil you have at hand.

  • Good for the health

Believe it or not, you can elevate your iron levels by consuming the food which is cooked in it. This pivotal mineral is necessary for optimal energy levels and a strong immunity.

  • Proven quality

Unlike new technologies that we see today, cast iron cookware has been around for some time now and it has definitely withstood the test of time. They are proven to be safe, durable, and non toxic.




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