Prevent Hair Loss with this Simple, yet Effective Yeast-Based DIY Hair Mask

Yeast hair masks are definitely one of the healthiest masks that have the power to make your hair more beautiful than ever before. This mask is suitable for all hair types and it is often used to fight off hair loss because it has the ability to encourage hair growth.

Moreover, it can be beneficial for people struggling with dandruff. And, you need not buy it from the pharmacy- you can make your own yeast mask at home and be amazed from the results. Before we show you the recipe, check out the benefits of yeast DIY hair mask.

Why Are Yeast Hair Masks Good for Our Hairs?

  • Restores the natural shine
  • Nourishes the damaged strains
  • Helps remove dandruff
  • Encourages healthy hair growth
  • Fights off hair loss
  • Strengthens weak and thin hair

DIY Yeast Hair Mask Recipe

You will need the following ingredients:

A tsp of organic honey

A tbsp of warm milk

20 grams of fresh yeast

An egg yolk

A shower cap

A towel

A bowl

Preparation: Dissolve the honey in the milk and mix. Add the yeast and stir well. Leave it in a warm area to ferment for about 20 minutes. Now, add the egg yolk and whisk to get a homogeneous mixture.

Use: Apply the mask evenly and thoroughly to clean and wet hair. Once you’re done, put on the shower cap and wrap it with a towel. Wait for an hour before you rinse off the hair with water and mild shampoo.




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