6 Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie Recipes That Give You Energy All Day Long

Most of us want a caffeine boost to kick start our day. How about going for more healthier options? The caffeine-induced kick sure is instant but, it waives off too soon. These energy-boosting smoothies are a better option to keep your energy levels high throughout your day.

These healthy smoothies are packed with protein, fiber, and other essential vitamins and minerals. They are not just your morning wake-up tonics, but they also make for great lunch or post-lunch snacks.

Here is an excellent list of smoothies that are easy and quick to make.

Berry Boost Smoothie:
This is a perfect way to start your day. Include berries like blueberries, cherries and blend it to a perfect smoothie with almond milk or skimmed milk. You can also add honey if you have a sweet tooth.

Banana Smoothie.
The banana is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with energy-giving carbohydrate and heart-healthy potassium. In fact, a banana’s health benefits are so impressive, they give instant sugar rush with loads of fiber thus making them a better option as compared to caffeinated beverages. These smoothies can have many alterations. Blend peeled of bananas with milk or almond milk. You can add nuts, peanut butter to make it more delicious.

Peach and Orange Punch
Peaches and Oranges are packed with Vitamin C., And Vitamin C as you know boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy. Now, what better way to start your day? Blend peaches and oranges into a perfect smoothie and kick start your day. This anti-oxidant rich drink is sure a winner.

Green Smoothie
This one’s a gold mine. All you need is kale, spinach, and cucumber. Blend these all and add some lemon for flavor and punch. You can add some water if it is too strong for your taste buds. You might not get all the goodness from the green vegetables daily. So, this could be part of your routine.

Melody with Melons
Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Musk Melon are packed with water and perfect for summers. Blend the cubes of all the melons as mentioned above into a perfect rich smoothie. Add fresh fruit pieces to it for some rush. This is the best choice to keep you hydrated all day long.

Carrot Celery Refresher
This is the best way to get this sweet spring vegetable in your diet regularly. Now, add celery to the mix, and voila, we have a winner. Celery and carrot smoothie is a perfect combination of greens and reds.

In today’s fast-paced world, you are always on the go, and even the food you take is on the go. Hence it is imperative that you incorporate live nutrients and enzymes into your diet regularly. The liquids from the fruits and veggies keep you hydrated, and the other nutrients act as catalysts to your immune system.

So, what are you waiting for? All you need is a blender, chopper, fresh fruits, and some garnishing.

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Dr. Sohil Guntagani is a proficient writer who firmly believes in the age-old remedies and holistic medicine as a primary cure for several diseases. After graduating from Rajeev Gandhi University Of Health Sciences, He embarked on a journey to find the truth about holistic and natural remedies. During his travel and research, he found the purpose to enlighten and empower others with this knowledge and help them led a much healthier and stress-free life.

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