Travelling Makes Us Happier than Material Wealth, Scientists Claim

Without doubt, for a lot of people (maybe including you!), travelling is more valuable than anything else. Travel is known to bring a lot of joy and happiness and many individuals decide to spend their money on a trip rather than buying objects.

And, believe it or not, studies also indicate that travelling makes us happier than shopping. Good news, travelers! Continue reading the article to find out more…

Material Things Do Not Bring Genuine Happiness?

As we all know, shopping is a part of our modern culture; however, nowadays, we do not just head to the shops when we really need something, but for numerous other reasons. Some go shopping to feel better about themselves, others shop when they feel emotional or overwhelmed whereas some shop because they simply have too much money!

And, though it brings temporary joy and satisfaction, shopping does not make you happier long-term. The satisfaction from a purchase goes away in hours or days and even though you may continue using the product, it will rarely bring joy. Hence, though a cliché, the saying ‘Money can’t buy happiness’ holds some truth, at least when it comes to material goods.

Namely, when our initial satisfaction from the purchase goes away, we will feel the urge to buy another thing to reach that feel-good state, similarly to other addictions. Nonetheless, genuine happiness cannot be acquired from shopping, but you can spend your money on experiences that can bring a more everlasting happiness.

Does Travel Make Us Happier?

In a research by a team of researchers from Cornell University, travel can help you get out of the cycle of searching for happiness by acquiring material goods. Thomas Gilovic, a psychology professor, believes that traveling may be the key.

Namely, when you book a trip, you feel the same joy and satisfaction as when you buy a new phone, car or shoes. But, what these material things do not bring as travel does is lasting memories, valuable experiences from meeting new cultures, time spent in nature and with people you love, new perspectives, new views, etc.

Luckily for travelers, these happy and joyful moments last longer.

Other Activities can also Bring You Joy

In addition to travel, learning new skills, acquiring new hobbies, seeing a play or ballet, playing sports or going to festivals are also able to bring you joy as travelling does.

Therefore, whenever you have a chance, go to a concert or try to learn a new skill. In this way, you will have joyful memories that will bring everlasting happiness.




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