Husband Plants Flower Fields for Blind Wife to Enjoy the Smell- so Amazing It Gets Visited Regularly

This beautiful story of an elderly couple rarely leaves someone indifferent. After she lost her eyesight, her loving husband and a farmer decided to plant thousands of fragrant flowers in their backyard so that she can enjoy the smell.

Married for 30 years, Toshiyuki and Yasuko Kuroki worked with a herd of 60 cows at a dairy farm in Japan. Unfortunately, Yasuko went blind due to diabetes-related complications.

After losing her eyesight, she started to withdraw from her daily life and was no longer talking to people. She often spent the whole day at home.

How Did the Idea for the Garden Happen?

While on his farm, Toshiyuki noticed a shibazakura, a bright, fuschia-colored flower. Knowing that his wife could not see it, he thought about its potent fragrance and this is how an idea blossomed. He decided to plant this flower near the house and then on the farm.

Soon enough, his farm was transformed in a beautiful and spacious garden. And, even tourists started showing up to tour the pink grounds during cherry blossom season.

Attracted by their fragrance, Yasuko started getting out of the house more often and also interacted with the tourists. 25 years later, the flowers are still actively blooming on their farm. The dairy cattle are gone and their shed is now transformed in a museum for the flowers and the story behind the garden.

When the shibazakura bloom in March and April, 7000 tourists come to see the amazing flowers and to enjoy the exquisite fragrance. Without doubt, they are definitely walking in a garden built on love. If you want to love more about this loving couple, check out the video below:




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