Fight Off Anxiety with this 2-Minute Ancient Breathing Technique

As the Anxiety Disorders Association of America points out, anxiety disorders is the most common type of mental disease in the US. Statistics shows that around 40 million Americans suffer from it.

There are different types of anxiety and an anxiety attack is often explained as a sudden fear and discomfort that reaches its peak in minutes. The symptoms are numerous, including trembling, shaking, sweating, accelerated heart rate, nausea, numbness, fear, feelings of choking, etc.

Often times, anxiety sufferers point out the difficulty breathing during an anxiety attack. This can quickly lead one into hyperventilation during which the breathing becomes even shallower.

Yogis believe that alternate nostril breathing can help balance the left and right side of the brain and lower anxiety. And, research also seems to be supporting this breathing technique for anxiety management.

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Breathe properly & Fight Off Anxiety

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, diaphragmatic slow breathing can be as potent in decreasing anxiety as the antidepressant drug known as imipramine.

Alternate nostril breathing can reduce panic attacks in the following ways:

  • By activating the parasymphatetic nervous system that removes you from survival mode and relaxes you
  • By strengthening your breathing that elevates the oxygen flow to the brain and puts you in the present moment
  • By bettering the attention and coordination and thus, helps you regain the control of your body and mind

Check out the video below to find out how to perform alternate nostril breathing. You can practice it anywhere and anytime you want and it will definitely help you restore the connection with yourself and manage your anxiety easier.

You just need a quiet and comfortable area and you are good to go:




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