All-Natural & Soothing DIY Coconut Oil & Lavender Scrub

Are you aware of the numerous skin benefits of body scrubs, especially DIY ones? Body scrub is a skin care product whose purpose is to eliminate dead skin cells through the process of exfoliation and to detoxify the skin and boost the blood flow.

It is made with abrasive ingredients that are strong enough to enable exfoliation, but not overly strong so that the skin is not damaged. Without doubt, more and more people today are using scrubs and realizing their enormous potential and so should you.

Hence, you are definitely missing out on a lot if you do not using it. From rejuvenating the skin and making it look youthful to moisturizing and self-tanning it naturally, the benefits of scrubs are diverse.

This being said, in today’s article, we will present one of the most popular DIY scrubs today made with lavender and coconut oil. You will love its pleasant aroma and enjoy the numerous skin improvements it will offer.

DIY Coconut Oil & Lavender Scrub

You will need:

½ cup of organic coconut oil

½ cup of brown sugar

4 tsp of dried lavender

A glass container

Preparation: Mix the ingredients well in the glass container and close it. Keep it in a cool and dark area.

Use: Wet the skin with warm water and then use the scrub to massage the skin gently for a minute. Rinse it off thoroughly and tap dry the skin. Apply a natural moisturizer.

For optimal results, scrub the skin once or twice per week.

This combination of lavender and coconut oil will fight off skin dryness and soften and rejuvenate your skin and leave it smell pleasantly.




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