Cancer Patient Files Billion Dollar Glyphosate Lawsuit against Bayer

A woman from the US filed a billion dollar lawsuit accusing the Bayer Corporation of marketing a product which caused her cancer. One of the attorneys of Melanie LaFond said that she is dying and she is leaving behind three young men without a mother.

Her sons, aged 16, 13, and 10 are losing their mother because of cancer. LaFond needed to move to North Carolina so that her mother can take care of her. Diagnosed with throat cancer, LaFond has only days left to live.

According to Miguel Cuadra, her other attorney, this woman will not be able to see her sons getting married and she will never know what it feels like to be a grandmother.

Why Did LaFond Sue the Bayer Corporation?

According to the lawsuit, the weed killer RoundUp is the main cause for LaFond’s throat cancer. On a daily basis for a period of two years, LaFond sprayed this weed killer while working for a Lake Worth landscaping company.

The lawsuit explains how this dangerous chemical was all over LaFond’s skin and face.

The attorneys also add that they plan on asking for a billion dollar in damages, but do not think this amount is sufficient. This is because Bayer continues selling this harmful weed killer despite knowing that it is a direct cause of cancer.

They are more interested in profiting than protecting the well-being of people. Unfortunately, the foul practices of corporations are taking away lives. This needs to stop and we need to raise the awareness about the overuse of these detrimental pesticides.




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