Corporate Takeover of Cannabis: How Are Bayer & Monsanto Trying to Take Over the Cannabis Market?

Monsanto, the corporation responsible for GMOs and pesticide overuse, has not stopped concerning citizens. Even though health advocates are doing their best to boycott this corporation and to support good brands which sell organic foods only, Monsanto have no intention of stopping.

Unfortunately, studies have concluded that there are disastrous effects on the health if consuming their GMOs which are filled with their horrible pesticides. As a reminder for those who may have forgotten, this corporation is the creator of the worst chemicals today, including asbestos, aspartame, Agent Orange, and DDT.

And now, they want to take over the cannabis industry too!

Monsanto & Bayer Are Taking Over the Cannabis Market?

Bayer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, made a deal to buy Monsanto for $66 billion despite Monsanto being voted as “the most evil company in the world” in 2013.

This buyout has only made Monsanto’s lobbying power bigger. This corporate giant has now decided to take over the cannabis market and it already has some ties with the cannabis production which is definitely something to cause worries in cannabis users.

Even though nothing has been decided yet, there is a possibility of Monsanto/Buyer to “rule” with the cannabis industry. But, it is uncertain if they want to create GMO strains. Be that as it may, you should still decide if this is a company that should get your support. Hence, if you are against GMOs, you may need to get thorough research to ensure the strains you are using are not from a Monsanto business.

Monsanto and Bayer may form a monopoly on marijuana seeds in a similar fashion with their takeover of the world soy and corn. Unfortunately, their corporate power is huge and by enforcing an international patent law, they may become the sole controllers of the cannabis industry, including the research and use of medicinal cannabis.

As an individual, you can play your own part in the fight against Monsanto and other corporations.

Never support them by buying products from companies they own. Make sure you stay informed about their involvement in the cannabis industry and thus, try to bring the right decisions.

If needed and if your state laws allow, keep and grow your own seeds. And, make sure you spread the news with others that Monsanto may take over the cannabis industry soon!




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