This Philippines Fruit Is a Potent Anti-Cancer Food

According to researchers from the Philippines, the calamansi fruit is rich in anti-cancer properties. In the study, published in the Industrial Crops and Products Journal, the goal was to pinpoint the volatile composition, the cytotoxicity of the essential oil, and the amount of d-limonene in the fruit.

This fruit is frequently used in drinks, condiments, marinades, and preserves. Small, round, and green, this fruit is not just the ideal ingredient for your meals, but the best ally in the fight against cancer.

How Does this Fruit Help Fight Off Cancer?

The d-limonene was found to make up at least 93 percent of the entire oil so it is its main constituent. The essential oil was able to intoxicate human mammary tumor cell lines in the study.

This being said, the research team concluded that the toxic influence of the calamansi essential oil on cancerous cells is a result of its abundance in d-limonene.

What Are the Other Health Advantages of Calamansi?

Citrus fruits are rich in nutrients and calamansi is no exception. Here is how the regular consumption of calamansi can boost your health:

  • Encourages weight loss

Since it is low in calories, calamansi juice may help reduce overeating, particularly if you drink it prior to meals. Moreover, the juice will also help remove excessive fat and bad cholesterol.

  • Strengthens the immune system

Calamansi is rich in important nutrients, including vitamin C. this vitamin is known to have a beneficial effect on the immunity and will help prevent viral and bacterial infections. When regularly eaten, this fruit can help you fight off cold, flu, and fever.

  • Betters the health of the skin

Being abundant in vitamin C, calamansi will boost your collagen production. When applied topically, calamansi juice can better your complexion and rejuvenate your skin, but also speed up the healing of wounds too.

  • Helps with oral health issues

Did you know that calamansi juice makes a great natural mouthwash? The vitamin C in it averts oral health problems, including tooth decay, gingivitis, loose teeth, and bleeding gums. The juice is also great in helping you eliminate plaque and stains from the teeth.

  • Boosts the kidney function

Thanks to its diuretic abilities, calamansi juice can detoxify your kidneys and better their functioning. It will also minimize unpleasant urine odor and purify the organs. It is also capable of improving your bowel movements and in alleviating constipation.




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